5 B2B Content Marketing Strategies you can start today!

Dheeraj Ramchand

Dheeraj Ramchand

content marketing

    Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing free content for your target audience. Creating content is a good way to get discovered, build trust, and demonstrate your value (and the value of your products / services)

    Here are 5 content strategies you can use today! 

    1. Start a Blog

    Blogs (like this one) allow you to showcase your expertise on a topic. Blogs are easy to set up and can be integrated within your website. You can write blog posts to answer questions your target audience may have. 

    Make sure to include relevant keywords and search terms used by your ideal customers! This helps you show up on search engines.

    You can use a keyword research tool like Ahrefs or SEMRush for keyword ideas, and Google Search Console to track which keywords you are ranking for.

    2. Write Case Studies

    Case studies are pieces of content written to illustrate and explain how you achieved success in a specific situation. Case studies are a form of social proof.

    If you want to impress prospects, case studies demonstrate how you achieved results with clients who are similar to them. By having proof of your results, prospects can make more informed decisions when deciding between you and your competitors.

    Since case studies are context specific, they can take you further than testimonials and can be powerful tools to bring in new clients.

    3. Produce Videos

    When surveyed, 85% of people would like to see more videos from brands in 2021 (Wyzowl)

    Videos allow customers to see faces behind your company, increasing their familiarity with your personal brand. You can produce videos for a variety of channels, including your website, social media, and YouTube.

    On some social media platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn), video content has a far greater reach than text or image content. Impact reports that marketers who use video content grow 49% faster than marketers who don’t use video.

    4. Start a Podcast

    Podcasts are a great content medium for busy, on-the-go audiences. Due to the audio nature, podcasts are easy to tune in to. People listen to podcasts when getting ready for work, when commuting, at the gym, and even when cleaning or cooking.

    When listening to your voice through a podcast, customers gain familiarity with your personal brand. If your content is interesting and valuable, you can demonstrate expertise and build trust. 

    Podcasts can even be turned into videos and blog posts for a bigger impact! 

    Podcasting has been trending upwards in the past few years. If podcasts continue to rise in popularity, starting a podcast can help you get discovered!

    5. Host Webinars

    87% of Marketers find webinars to be an effective form of content marketing.

    By hosting webinars, companies can quickly build trust with potential buyers.

    With a live webinar, you can easily educate your audience on a relevant topic, showcase products to them and answer their questions on the spot. After providing value during the webinar, you can nudge attendees to booking a meeting to further negotiations or making a purchase.

    Which content strategy should you choose?

    Each content strategy can work in or against your favor. Regardless of strategy you choose, you need to provide value to your ideal audience in the content type they consume.

    Before you start your content strategy, it’s important to determine:

    • What you want to talk about
    • Who is your ideal audience?
    • What kind of content does your audience consume?
    • What will they take away from your content?
    • What should they do after consuming your content?

    Your content should contain a call to action, where your audience can stay up to date with your company. For example, if you have a YouTube channel, encourage viewers to like, share, and subscribe.

    You can use your content to pitch relevant products or services to your audience to help them achieve their goals.

    How do you know your content is working?

    Once you start pitching your products or services to your audience, you should receive inquiries and/or an increase in traffic from new prospects. 

    You can use tools like Google Analytics to check your traffic sources. This way, you know which content channels are bringing in results. 

    However, not all website visitors will turn into leads or customers right away. Sometimes, they need a little nudge. With HappierLeads, you can identify your website’s B2B visitors and follow up with them – turning prospects into paying customers. Start your free 14-day trial

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