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happier leads
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Better data

Happierlead's data is better. 
We can prove it!

In addition to having a robust database with key contact details including direct dial phone numbers, up to date business emails, and job titles, Alexa rankings, and much more!

“So pleased with Happierleads as it gives me valuable information about the companies that have visited my website…”

Andrei Zinkevich

Founder and CEO of fullfunnel.io

Segment your traffic

Do more with more Happierleads

Happierlead’s database of contacts isn’t just bigger and better, but our platform lets you do more with it too!

  • With 200+ attributes attached to each contact and company, Happierleads offers users the option to create virtually limitless permutations of prospecting lists and contact groupings.
  • Target ideal prospects with laser precision to make sure you reach exactly who you want, when you want, where you want, and with what you want.

“I like Happierleads because it gives you the data that you would otherwise miss out on…”

Christopher Lier

Co-Founder/ CMO LeadGen App

Fully managed lead generation for your business

Do you want to generate customers on autopilot? Our growth hackers can take care of designing a customized campaign for you and generate customers month after month.

happier leads

Don’t take it from us

Happierleads was the obvious choice to help us achieve our objectives, with real-time website visitor identification and the ability to track visitors working from home. Happierleads allows us to blacklist countries and exclude companies so that we only see businesses that aren’t already customers.


CEO at Slidebean

The most accurate data
you’ll ever find

9 out of 10 customers agree that the quality of Happierleads data is superior to other providers.

happier leads

Higher conversion rates

Because we have all the attributes you need: Employee size, revenue, technologies used, and industry, sector and more, right at your fingertips.

happier leads

Better open rates​

Because we Filter your results using our advanced firmographic filters and try to match them with your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile). Remove unwanted leads - no questions asked

happier leads

Better responses​

Because you can rely on hot leads only and we offer fresh, accurate data with our proprietary real-time lookups. So you can act immediately.

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