“Work from Home” Tracking – How does it work?

    Your dream customer might be on your website right now!

    HappierLeads is the leading website visitor tracking and visitor analytics tool. With the HappierLeads script installed, you can identify who is visiting your website, even if they are working remotely

    What data can I uncover?

    Once you install the HappierLeads tracking script on your website, you’ll soon uncover the companies that are visiting your website as well as their activity.

    Identify your anonymous B2B visitors, and discover:

    • How often they visit your website
    • How much time they spend browsing your website
    • How recently they visited your website

    What do I do with this information?

    You can use the data to better understand the behaviors of your prospects, existing customers, and competitors.


    You can identify which companies are actively browsing your website. They could be interested in your product or service. When you click on their domain, HappierLeads provides firmographic information about that company as well as their user journey on your website.

    Found an interesting prospect? Follow up with them and you could close a new sale

    Existing customers:

    You can find out how often your customers use your service. You can also discover what other website content they are consuming (eg. other product pages, blogs) 


    You can also identify which of your competitors are lurking on your website and which pages they visit

    How does anonymous visitor tracking work?

    Many business intelligence platforms use traditional IP tracking to identify their website visitors. Their database consists of company domains and static IP ranges. When someone visits your website from an office or VPN, traditional IP tracking can identify the company based on their IP address.

    Traditional IP tracking has a limitation. What happens when the employees work from home?

    How does HappierLeads WFH tracking work?

    We have a network of large enterprises who share their data-sets with us. We cannot reveal our partner network, but consider the following example:

    Each day, employees sign in to platforms like Slack, Salesforce, and HubSpot. These platforms know the business domain of their employees and their home IP addresses. By matching the home IP to the business domain, we can uncover your website visitors, even when they work from home.

    Note: We do not receive any identifying information from our partner network, such as names or email addresses.

    IP address

    HappierLeads only reveals the company domain and activity. We do not identify specific user data. You can, however, use our prospecting tool to identify decision makers from these companies.

    From here, you can reach out to the right decision makers to settle their questions and close more sales

    Want to see it for yourself?

    Start your free 14 day trial and see how you can close deals up to 70% faster with HappierLeads.

    Dheeraj Ramchand

    Dheeraj Ramchand

    Marketing Specialist at Happierleads, I'm always curious to help businesses grow by connecting the dots.

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