7 Marketing Strategies for B2B Businesses in 2021

Dheeraj Ramchand

Dheeraj Ramchand

b2b marketing strategies

    Are you a B2B business looking to attract more customers? In today’s digital world, it is easier and more cost effective than ever to put your brand in front of thousands of people. 

    Here are 7 ways you can put your company in the spotlight:

    1. Social Media Ads:

    You can run highly targeted ads on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to reach your ideal customers.

    LinkedIn ads are powerful for cold advertising. You can target decision makers directly based on firmographic information such as company, industry, and job title.

    If you already have a list of email addresses of your customers and prospects, you can upload them to both Facebook and LinkedIn to show ads to similar customers.

    Pros: Highly targeted ads, can quickly reach many people, can identify similar customers

    Cons: Gaining traction with cold audiences can be hard

    2. SEO Content:

    Are people searching for a solution to a problem you solve? Think of where your ideal customers want to be. Creating content to help them achieve their goals allows you to place your company in their decision journey.

    When creating content, you can demonstrate how your product or service can help your customers achieve their goals better, faster, more efficiently, or with less costs.

    Content that is highly relevant to your ideal customer can help your company get discovered via search engines like Google. The top 5 indexed websites on a Google search receive around 67.70% of all clicks. Having your content rank high on search engines can significantly boost your traffic and attract new prospects.

    Pros: Cost-effective, good way to get discovered and build trust

    Cons: Depending on the industry, there can be lots of competition. SEO can also be time consuming: both to create content and to see results.

    3. Google Ads:

    Don’t have the patience for SEO? With Google Ads, sometimes called PPC advertising, you can pay to appear at the top of search results. 

    Pros: Fast way to see results from search engines

    Cons: Can be expensive, especially as competition increases or with the use of irrelevant keywords

    4. Social Selling:

    Social selling is the process of creating content on social platforms to build relationships. In 2021, this involves posting often on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter where you can engage with your potential customers directly. 

    Pros: cost-efficient, you find your customers on the social media platforms where they hang out

    Cons: can require a lot of time and energy

    5. Forum Marketing:

    Sometimes, instead of looking for answers on search engines, some people prefer to ask questions on forums. General forums include Quora and Reddit, but there may also be more niche forums for specific industries or job roles (example, Github for developers). 

    If you run across a problem that your company can solve, you can respond to the question and recommend your company’s product or service in your answer.

    Chances are, if someone else has the same problem and lands on the forum post, they may see your answer and check out your company as well.

    This strategy is effective because relevant forum posts are very likely to rank well on search engines.

    Pros: cost-efficient, you directly address your customer’s problems, SEO friendly

    Cons: can be time consuming, you rely on your prospects taking the initiative to post their questions and problems

    6. Retargeting

    Once someone visits your website, you can retarget them using Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or Google Ads. It’s very possible that prospects visit your website but get distracted and forget to continue browsing.

    With retargeting ads, you can remind your prospects that you exist and that you can help them achieve their goals.

    Pros: you can advertise to people who already show interest in your product or service

    Cons: you may annoy customers if you appear too often or you may burn money on advertising to existing customers

    7. Blended Approach

    So far, we’ve discussed six strategies on business-to-business marketing, but each of them alone is only a piece of the puzzle. Competition is constantly increasing and attention spans are getting shorter. 

    As a business-to-business company, a blended approach allows you to be present across multiple online channels at different stages of a buyer’s journey. 

    For example, you can create content on LinkedIn to drive traffic to your website. From here, retargeting ads on Facebook or LinkedIn can drive interested users back to your website to make a purchase.


    You can create SEO optimized content, answer questions on forums, and run Google Ads to claim the top 2-3 spots on Google for certain keywords. Once someone visits your website, you can use retargeting to urge them to make a purchase. 

    So… I just retarget people who visit my website?

    Although retargeting can be an effective approach to recapture attention from people who have already engaged with your website, retargeting does not guarantee that these website visitors will become customers.

    Some visitors may have questions about your product or service. Others may be indecisive between choosing your company or a competitor. 

    How then, do you close more sales?

    Before you decide how to help your customers with their purchase decision, it’s important to know who your customers are.

    HappierLeads is a business analytics tool that allows you to see which companies are visiting your website.

    You can see which companies are showing high activity and intent. From here, you can use the in-built prospector tool to identify decision makers.

    By reaching out to these decision makers, you can answer any questions they may have and nudge them towards purchasing your product or service.

    Are you ready to see who’s visiting your website? 
    Start your free 14-day trial to see how you can close sales up to 70% faster with HappierLeads.

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