The science behind “who your potential clients are”

Maecy Gonzaga

Maecy Gonzaga

Potential Client

    Whether you’re in the process of just starting your business or have been in the market for years, locating clients has and will always be the central part of any business. 

    In the modern, fast-paced world of advancing technology that we now live in, the commercial landscape is becoming increasingly complicated to navigate, making it extremely difficult to locate potential clients. 

    You are now competing with dozens if not hundreds of other services. 

    Here on the internet, the old advertising methods don’t work. Paying for ads on Facebook and Google is becoming increasingly unreliable and prohibitively expensive to keep up for any length of time.

    As a business, you may already have a general idea of who your desired client is (For example, a taxi service knows that it needs to pick clients who require transport from point to point). The difficulty is recognizing how to narrow down the list of clients to those most likely to use your services and then get them to reach your website and choose your service. 

    People no longer idly browse wares. We live in an age where to get a customer, it seems as though you need first to find them and then somehow convince them to use your service. A problem made all the more complex when you aren’t sure who your potential customers are.

    A new strategy is required, allowing you to find those clients who need your services, which can be learned and implemented with a minimum of effort and expenditure to you, the client. This strategy needs to be simple, streamlined, and effective at finding and bringing in customers.

    You’re a business that is an Expense Management firm. You help people keep track of their spendings and collect receipts for proper budget usage. The following example will cover how to find clients using the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy.

    Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy.

    ABM is a strategy that focuses your sales and marketing resources on target accounts within a specific market, letting you create a database of clients who desire your services.

    The method to building a successful ABM strategy is Business to Business (B2B) information. This B2B information revolves around Cookies.

    You’ve found your potential clients! Or at least you’ve found the way to find them. I’ll try to make the explanation as painless as possible. 

    Your Web Browser Cookies

    Cookies (known as cookies because of an obscure programmer’s joke) are pieces of digital data that accumulate on a person’s computer. These cookies are random bits of data stored on your computer. Every time you visit a website, you get one of these cookies. Each cookie is unique to the website, giving it a type of fingerprint. By scanning these cookies, one can get a “Trail” of fingerprints that allows the mapping o the sites most interacted with by that computer.

    Cookies are essentially how a website knows it’s “you,” visiting a website whether Facebook remembers your name and has it prepared in the login bar or Amazon keeping your items in your cart.

    About B2B Data

    To find B2B data, you can use one of the many services available on the internet. 

    This is the first step on the way to can locate your perfect potential future clients. Several companies are devoted to the sale of B2B information. 

    After purchasing the data, you will be able, as a business, to take a look at what potential clients are looking at and what they’re searching for, giving you an edge over your competitor.

    Finding a service that provides B2B services is as simple as running a Google search.

    The use this information has is manifold, and it eases the prospecting of the marketing team.

    This B2B system allows for a smoother marketing experience, both for the businesses trying to make the sales and the customers who might not know they would benefit from the services proffered.
    The data B2B stores will allow your marketing team to hone in on the specific aspects that your customers possess, saving you a great deal of time looking.

    This data is beneficial to phone centers that use a “Cold Outreach” approach. By narrowing down which numbers are more likely to provide a yield, the business can remove thousands of names and numbers from its list, saving it a great deal of time and money.

    But what does any of this have to do with your Expense Management firm? 

    This is where that B2B information on Cookies comes in. Your search for clients who have used your services and begin to look for similarities between their browsing histories.

    Maybe you find that groups that searched for Keywords  “Expense+Manager+free” or “Budgeting+help+free” or visited Amazon and made multiple purchases are the bulk of your clientele. You’ve just found your potential clients.

    Now you can put an ABM strategy into place, one that uses personalized ad campaigns designed to engage each potential customer’s account, basing the marketing message on the specific attributes and needs of the account.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Using this information, you narrow down your target clientele. You use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get a page to appear higher on search engines. This is accomplished by the proliferate use of specific keywords, making you appear higher in search engines such as Google. 

    And that’s it. You start with B2B data to narrow down your parameters and then can either go forward with target advertising or work on SEO (Or both)

    In the end, the finding of your clients, a seemingly monumental task, is turned into simple research work.

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