How To Deliver A Substantial Product Demo

Maecy Gonzaga

Maecy Gonzaga


    Product Demonstration

    This is one of your best sales tools if you have a high-quality product. A product demonstration helps you get prospective customers or investors interested in and excited about your solution. It is also an effective way to address the prospect’s specific product-related concerns. 

    Yes, product demonstration is a powerful tool. When done correctly, a demo allows the customer to see and feel how the product will be better if they buy (and worse if they don’t).

    These are some secrets to deliver an amazing demo.

    Smile, Be Calm & Release Positive Energy

    Being nervous is natural and normal but don’t show it to your audience. Instead, smile and calm yourself. Trust yourself that you can do it! Focus on your audience and not on yourself. If you are nervous, you may not deliver the right key point and may lose the deal. Just be yourself so you can do this successfully!

    Clear Conversation from Start to End

    Tell them what they need to know. Use this opportunity to direct the conversation and make notes so you can guide yourself too. Tell them what you want to say and what they need to hear. This will make your audience comfortable since they’ll have clear expectations of where you’re heading. Get straight to the point. Don’t make the long story about your product or your audience will loose interest.

    Do Not Forget To Rehearse!

    Rehearsing is a must while delivering. It will allow you to practice different parts to your pitch before you actually deliver the total demo to an audience.

    You’ll be surprised how many sales reps think they’ll be able to wing it. This can lead to messing up the delivery.

    Listen More, Talk Less

    After your demo, take a break and listen to your prospect’s ideas. Listening is important. You will need to know what the other person has to say by asking questions regarding the topic. Keep it conversational but barely lets the prospect speak. Answer prospect’s questions in a good manner and answer it straight forward.

    Test Everything before Demo

    Never give a demonstration without a dry run, preferably at the very location where you’ll be giving the demonstration. Never assume that the equipment available at a customer site or conference facility will work.

    And always have a backup plan, with some other sales-oriented activity that can fill the gap if something goes wrong.

    Close the Deal after Demo

    After the demo, you must ask something that will move the sale forward. Don’t let the opportunity pass by.

    If you don’t do this, it implies that either the demo was a dud or the product isn’t worth buying in the first place.

    Following all of these helps you to have a successful demo and to close the deal.

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