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Scale your outbound with Email Rotation

Intelligent Rotation Algorithm: Our system automatically decides when and which email to send based on data-driven analytics to optimize your campaign results.

Seamless Integration: Plug and play with your existing CRM tools and email platforms, ensuring a smooth transition and consistent messaging.

“So pleased with Happierleads as it gives me valuable information about the companies that have visited my website…”

Andrei Zinkevich

Founder and CEO of fullfunnel.io


Multi step email campaigns

Multi-step email campaigns, also known as drip campaigns or automated email sequences, are a series of emails sent out automatically on a schedule or based on specific triggers.

These campaigns are designed to guide a subscriber or potential customer through a journey, be it onboarding, education, nurturing, or conversion.

“I like Happierleads because it gives you the data that you would otherwise miss out on…”

Christopher Lier

Co-Founder/ CMO LeadGen App

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