How To Increase Sales with App Demo Videos

Dheeraj Ramchand

Dheeraj Ramchand

    You’ve done your work— made an app, tested it thoroughly, and already got feedback from reviewers—  now, it’s time to launch it. At this stage, you should already have an innovative strategy to promote your app to increase sales.  Among the many promotion tactics you can use, you can consider creating an app demo video as a part of your strategy.

    What Are App Demo Videos?

    App demo videos are a part of video marketing strategies to demonstrate your app— what it is and how it works in a quick, simple, and easily digestible format. App video demos are powerful tools for grabbing attention and increasing app downloads. According to a study by Wyzowl, 77% of people say they’ve decided to download a mobile app after watching a video that demonstrates how the app works. 

    Besides, app demo videos can help you build awareness, boost your conversion rates, reduce negative reviews, and more. But, the usual app demo videos are not enough. You need to think of some unique and creative ideas that make your videos can be recognized easily by your customers.

    Here are some tips to make app demo videos to increase your sales:

    1. Research Is The Key

    Before you start making your app demo video, you need to do your research. This is a crucial part to help you get all the available information to make an app demo video effectively. While doing research, you need to learn about your target audience. 

    For example, if your target audience is mostly millennials, you need to learn about the problems they face. You can get this information by doing surveys or researching on social media platforms that millennials mostly use, like Twitter or Instagram. After you get all the information, determine how your app can solve the problems of your target audience.

    You also need to research your competitor’s videos. Find the disadvantages of their videos and use that as valuable information to increase  your video’s quality. You also need to learn what advantages of their videos can trigger the audience to download their app. 

    For getting this information, you can research social media, read Google reviews and YouTube comments to know the audience’s thoughts about your competitor’s app. Doing research will help you make effective, informative, and impactful for your target audience. 

    2. Keep It Simple

    If you want your app demo video to grab attention, remember to keep it simple, short, and informative. Based on research by Ad Age, 33% of viewers will stop watching a video after 30 seconds, 45% by one minute, and 60% by two minutes. This statement depends on the advertising platform – Look into attention spans on Tiktok, Reels, FB ads. That’s why,  the duration of your app demo video is an important part that you need to think of.

    Just because you want to show people how they can use your app on video, it doesn’t mean you can go overboard. A good app demo video should highlight the app’s features. So, make sure to highlight only two or three major key points in your video. 

    Don’t overdo the call-to-action or add intense graphics. This way, you’ll make your target audience feel disturbed and they’ll likely click the close button. 

    If there are more features on your app, you can add links that direct to longer videos or add them to the video’s description. The point is to make your videos simple and enjoyable without forgetting essential points that you want to demonstrate.

    3. Engage Using Storytelling

    This is no secret that engaging storytelling is such a powerful method to hold the attention of your audience. You can apply this technique while making the script. As a starter, you can make your target audience’s problems the source of the story. 

    Adapt the storytelling style that makes your target audience feel intrigued. Make them a part of the video. Then, show how your app’s services can help them solve their problems. To make your video more attractive, you can add elements such as appealing graphic design, animation or background. 

    This is helpful to create an entertaining experience and boost your target audience’s interest in downloading your app. Be creative and put more effort into making an impressive script. Learn how to make a good script by watching other videos for reference or get a professional to help you. 

    4. Use The Right Tools

    With many competitors that also use app demo videos, you need to make sure that your video stands out from the competition. That’s why you need to give your best while making your app demo video. Use the best tools and equipment such as good cameras, lighting, editing programs, and audio to make awesome videos

    You can also involve your team in a  part of the video. This method can be your way to start building interaction and engagement with your target audience. Make sure that your team gives their best impression in the video. Greet your target audience with a smile and proper appearance. 

    Remember to keep paying attention to details while making videos. The details you miss sometimes can be mistakes that ruin your app demo video. For example, background noise in the video. It seems trivial, but if you let it, you can give off subtle impressions of carelessness and unprofessionalism.


    App demo videos are powerful tools to demonstrate your app. Creating awesome app demo videos sometimes can be overwhelming. We hope this article can help you create an effective demo video.

    Making a video can sometimes be a stressful experience, but it can also be a lot of fun! Remember to be creative, be relevant to your target audience, and highlight the benefits of your app.

    Author Bio – Andre Oentoro

    Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

    Twitter: @breadnbeyond
    LinkedIn: Andre Oentoro

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