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Dheeraj Ramchand

Dheeraj Ramchand

    For any B2B business, an effective website is critical. Customers who visit your website are likely to check out your products, learn more about your company, and hopefully buy from you as well.

    Unlike email, regular mail, or having a representative visit your store / office, websites aren’t going to tell you who’s visiting your website. Sure, you’re getting some traffic on your website but you have no idea who these people are…. How do you close more sales? It’s hard to hit a bullseye when you’re throwing a dart blindfolded.

    At HappierLeads, we help companies identify the B2B businesses who are actively visiting their website so they can close more sales, faster. 

    Your ideal customers could be browsing your website right now! Isn’t it exciting?

    Here’s how you can identify your website visitors and close more sales today: 

    Step 1: Start your free 14-day trial

    I know what you must be thinking: “What can I achieve in 14 days?”

    Let me ask you this: Do you already have website traffic? Do you think some of these visitors are clients who need a little nudge to become paying customers?

    If your answer to both these questions is yes, how much would it be worth to you to further discussions on at least 1-2 new deals in the next 2 weeks?

    If that seems plausible, there’s nothing to lose. You don’t need your credit card to sign up, so these 2 weeks are totally free. No strings attached.

    Click here to start your free trial

    “Already closed on deal solely because of HappierLeads. The Customer browsed a few times but didn’t schedule a call – I saw that with HappierLeads and simply asked him if he needs any help..”

    Marius Tyranowski
    Head of Marketing at

    Step 2: Add the HappierLeads Tracking script to your website

    Once you get access to your HappierLeads dashboard, find the tracking code. Enter this code in the header section of your website. 

    The code should look like this:

    Happierleads tracking script

    HappierLeads is compatible with all web builders, including WordPress, Wix, ClickFunnels, you name it! Check out the installation guide for instructions on installing the tracking code to your platform of choice

    Step 3: Start seeing your leads!

    Log in to HappierLeads to start seeing who’s visiting your website!

    happierleads, identify your website visitors

    (Note: it may take up to 24 hours for lead information to start displaying, you may have to clear the cache of your server or cloudflare/cloudfront)

    Bonus: Discover Lead Information

    Once you have identified who’s visiting your website, your leads are automatically enriched with firmographic information. With this information, you can focus your sales efforts towards leads who matter the most to you

    firmographic information

    Ready to see your leads? Start your free 14-day trial

    Already registered? Log in to the HappierLeads Dashboard

    Have questions? Check out our Help Center

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