3 Proven Lead Generation Tactics for B2B Businesses

    Lead generation is the process of collecting contact information from potential customers. With this information, you can follow up with potential customers over different channels with the goal of turning them into customers. 

    lead generation

    In today’s globalized and digital world, lead generation is all about providing value to help your ideal customers achieve their goals. 

    It’s important to know what your ideal customers will find interesting and valuable. Some examples could include:

    • Learning more about a topic in depth
    • Staying updated with Industry trends
    • How to accomplish a particular goal or task

    Once you know what your customers would want, you can exchange this information for their email addresses and/or phone numbers so you can contact them again in the future.

    Here are 3 tactics to generate more leads

    1. Host a webinar

    A webinar is a short online presentation surrounding a specific topic relevant to your industry and ideal customers. Webinars are ideally between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours long.

    When participants sign up for webinars, they will need to enter their email addresses on the registration form.

    A good webinar should provide value to your audience. At the end of the webinar, you can pitch your product or service and answer questions from your audience live. In doing so, you can build trust among your leads and tackle objections early in the sales process.

    Tools to host webinars:  Zoom, Streamyard
    Marketing: LinkedIn Events, Hopin, Eventbrite, Facebook Ads


    2. Attract your target audience with a lead magnet

    A lead magnet is a piece of valuable content that leads can consume in their own time. Examples of lead magnets include industry reports, ebooks, whitepapers, a short course, templates, and so on.

    Lead magnets should provide enough information for leads to start seeing some results by applying the knowledge contained in the lead magnet. 

    However, many leads may still struggle with results, time constraints, or lack of technical expertise. This is where your company can follow up with the leads and sell your products and services.

    Create a lead magnet: Canva, hire a content creator

    3. Start an email newsletter

    Starting a newsletter may be the most time consuming lead generation strategy but can be one of the most rewarding. 

    In 2021, 87% of B2B marketers claim email is one of their top free channels for organic traffic. (Content Marketing Institute, 2020)

    Similar to lead magnets, a newsletter provides valuable, in-depth information about a topic your ideal customer cares about. However, a newsletter delivers smaller bits of information more frequently straight to your lead’s inbox. 

    Depending on which newsletter service you use, you can test out different headlines, content, and call to action buttons to see which resonate better with your audience. You can also track open rates, click through rates, and subscriber retention rates.

    Newsletters can be sent daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or as often as you see fit. The most important thing is to consistently provide value. Otherwise, potential customers may unsubscribe from receiving more emails from you.

    Tools to start an email newsletter: Substack, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign

    Which lead generation tactic should you choose?

    When it comes to Lead generation, you have to attract your leads in the places where they hang out online. Talk to a few of your most loyal customers.

    • How did they discover you?
    • What else would they want to see from your business?
    • What would they want to learn more about within the industry?
    • What types of media do they consume?

    Once you collect information about your potential customers, your next step is to promote your webinar, lead magnet, or newsletter to generate new leads for your business.

    What to do after you generate leads

    Now that you’ve generated leads, the goal is to turn them into paying customers. Some leads may need to be educated and engaged a bit more before they decide to make a purchase.

    You can use HappierLeads to identify which leads are showing high intent and close sales up to 70% faster!



    Dheeraj Ramchand

    Dheeraj Ramchand

    Marketing Specialist at Happierleads, I'm always curious to help businesses grow by connecting the dots.

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