Are you ready to see who is visiting your website?

Maecy Gonzaga

Maecy Gonzaga

who is visiting your site?

    Every business wants to know who is visiting their website. At HappierLeads, we help companies identify the B2B businesses who are actively visiting their website so they can close more sales faster. 

    Happierleads knows the potential buyers visiting your website and helps you turn them into highly qualified leads. Happierleads cannot only help you Identify your B2B website visitors but it can also help you reach out to them using an automated way that works 365 days 24/7. 

    Every time a new visitor is Identified, happierleads assigns them into a segment automatically based on their employee size, revenue, location, and more than 100 data points. Then our automation runs a drip-email campaign with content that is specifically made for these visitors and follows up after a follow-up. Your website visitors eventually email back to you and your reps have only to pick up the conversation from this point. 

    Our technology can Identify website visitors that work remotely. It identifies your anonymous website visitor and about 10% of the time we are even able to Identify the exact person behind the visit 

    (of course if you live in Europe; this can be switched off to be aligned with the GDPR).

    Happierleads provides you with First-party intent data. These are any intent data that is collected from your own site and is 10 times better than 3rd party intent data since you only have access to these leads and your competitors will never get this info. This is the information you directly observe and collect in interactions with customers, prospects, and visitors across your digital properties including your website, email, and social.

    I’m sure you can see that this way you can always be ahead of the competition. With Third-party intent data, you kind of share the same pie with every other competitor that can easily have access to the same dataset.

    So if you are interested in taking action on the leads that slip through from your website. 

    Get started with Happierlead’s free trial today or book an appointment and the team will be able to help you.

    Our client said:

    “So pleased with Happierleads as it gives me valuable information about the companies that have visited my website…”

    “I like Happierleads because it gives you the data that you would otherwise miss out on…”

    If you want to know more about Happierleads, check this out

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