Identify your B2B website visitors working remotely

Generate 3X more leads than your competition by using your existing web traffic

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Award-winning and trusted by more than 3,000+ fastest-growing companies including:

happier leads
happier leads
happier leads

Identify your anonymous website visitors

View and reach out to your leads that aren’t converting. We are the only solution that can accurately track website visitors working from home or using their personal devices.

“So pleased with Happierleads as it gives me valuable information about the companies that have visited my website…”

Andrei Zinkevich

Founder and CEO of

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Segment your traffic

Segment your traffic

Create behavioral and demographic filters to segment your leads. We score them automatically based on their web activity.

“I like Happierleads because it gives you the data that you would otherwise miss out on…”

Christopher Lier

Co-Founder/ CMO LeadGen App


Email Retargeting Campaigns

Find key decision makers from our database of 250M+ companies and verified contacts. Schedule email sequences every time a new visitor is identified automatically.

“Already closed on deal soley because of happierleads. The Customer browsed a few times but didnt scheduled a call – I saw that with happierleads and simply asked him if he needs any help..”

Marius Tyranowski

Head of Marketing at

Find Key decision makers

Fully managed visitors-to-lead conversion

Don’t have the time to follow up with your leads? Our team can take care of that! We can do the setup, run email retargeting campaign and generate qualified meetings month after month on autopilot.

“So pleased with Happierleads as it gives me valuable information about the companies that have visited my website...”
Head of Business Operations at

Don’t take it from us

Happierleads was the obvious choice to help us achieve our objectives, with real-time website visitor identification and the ability to track visitors working from home. Happierleads allows us to blacklist countries and exclude companies so that we only see businesses that aren’t already customers.


CEO at Slidebean

The most accurate data
you’ll ever find

9 out of 10 customers agree that the quality of Happierleads data is superior to other providers.

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Customer success stories

Trusted by startups and sales teams who need to scale –– fast

happier leads
happier leads

“Knowing who is visiting my website is gold and I can spend less on ads.”

happier leads

“since we’ve started using Happierleads, we’ve win the market”

“We are making 6 new clients every month solely from using Happierleads”

100% GDPR/CCPA compliant

Gather leads legally without compliance issues

Capture all of your visitors

Collect all visitor info, even if they don’t fill out a form

Better responses​

Because you can rely on hot leads only and we offer fresh, accurate data.

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