5 Benefits of Blogging for B2B Businesses and Marketing

Maecy Gonzaga

Maecy Gonzaga

    What is Business Blogging?

    Business blogging is the process of creating blog posts for your business. Blogs are an inbound marketing tactic that can generate traffic to your website from qualified leads who are actively looking for solutions to a problem they may have.

    Blogging is one channel business can leverage as part of the larger content strategy.

    What makes blogging so effective?

    Here are some of the 5 benefits of blogging for business:

    1. Blogs drive traffic to your website

    Who doesn’t want more website visitors? When prospects are faced with a problem, Google is one of the first places they look to find answers. If your blog post answers a question that people are looking for, you can get discovered.

    Even if customers may not purchase from you at the moment, they know that you may have answers for other questions they have in the future in the same domain. If they need your product, services, or expertise in the future, your blog content can help you stay top of mind.

    2. Generate Leads

    From your blog, you can drive people to sign up for a lead magnet – such a newsletter, webinar, or whitepaper. You can then follow up with these leads to close more sales.

    Additionally, you can also drive your readers to purchase from you directly by integrating your product with the blog post.

    On that note, if you want to identify the B2B website visitors who are actively browsing your website but don’t sign up for a lead magnet, feel free to start a free 14-day trial for HappierLeads

    3. Enhance your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Each blog post you publish creates a new SEO opportunity in the following three ways:

    1. Traffic: If you have a blog post that answers a question people are asking on search engines, you can get indexed. This can help you get discovered by qualified leads.

      Search engines love to provide fresh, valuable content to searchers. By plugging in relevant keywords, you provide Google and other search engines new content to index, increasing your visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).
    2. Backlinks: You can add link to other blog posts within your blog to improve your internal backlinks. For example, here’s a backlink to a post about identifying your B2B website visitors. Alternatively, other blogs can link back to your website if they find your content relevant, increasing your external backlinks.
    3. Shares: If your content is interesting and relevant, readers can share your content, amplifying your traffic. Similar to word of mouth, this is considered “free” marketing.

    Blogging may require time, but the effects are powerful when done right.

    4. You can repurpose blog content to social media

    Blogs are generally long pieces of content, probably a few thousand words long. It’s unlikely that reading blog post after blog post is everyone’s cup of tea.

    However, blog posts can be repurposed into different formats for different social media platforms. For example – a blog can be a podcast episode, YouTube video, a series of Tweets, a few LinkedIn posts, and so on.

    By repurposing content to other social media channels, your brand and your content can reach new audiences.

    5. Connect people to your brand

    In recent years, there has been a rise in content marketing – but why? Content helps prospects and customers build trust. Blog posts are more than just a faceless company trying to sell their products and services. Through blogs, companies can showcase their personalities and provide additional value to their target audience in a profitable way.

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